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Testimonials: Volunteers

The testimonials that we have are from those that we work with in the community, family members and our volunteers.

As a Volunteer with St. Agnes I get to truly thank those in the “Senior’s Generations”. My small time each week gives me a chance to exhibit my gratitude to my Parents, Former Teachers, and Family for those sacrifices that they made to help me in life. I most enjoy hearing the stories of their time, what they did, and what they remember about the history they lived. The wisdom imparted with their simple answers to questions is priceless.


I love volunteering at St Agnes. I enjoy sharing a part of my day with our special guests. Their kindness and caring toward each other is heartwarming.

Sometimes our seniors may not fully recollect their yesterdays, but it is truly amazing when they light up as they hear a song of long ago and they remember every word. They sing it with such profound gusto.

To know that I somehow make a difference for a few hours in their day is a gift.


Volunteering at St. Agnes is my way of "giving back" a little to those who need it most. It's a "feel good" experience.


I love volunteering at St Agnes. It’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s kind of like a great soup! Each guest, volunteer, and staff member has something different to offer and brings his/her own unique flavor. It’s a lot of fun interacting with the guests and listening to their stories. Even those who are less vocal have something to say and something to offer. Learning how to bring out that voice and personality is so rewarding. I feel like I get even more than I give at St Agnes. I look forward to my time there all morning. If I’m in a bad mood, it vanishes as soon as I walk in the door. I guess my favorite part of St Agnes is getting to know the people (guests, volunteers, and staff alike) and feeling like I’m playing a small part in helping the guests have a good day.