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The testimonials that we have are from those that we work with in the community, family members and our volunteers.

I wanted to take just a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to you, the staff and volunteers at St Agnes. Unfortunately, my mom will be unable to return to your marvelous program. As you know, mom suffers from dementia and the time has come for her to move to a memory care unit.

While her participation in your program was short, it was a true blessing for my mom and our family.

As I entered St Agnes the first time, I immediately noticed the trees inside the door -- one with name tags for each of the special seniors you care for and another chockful of name tags for volunteers - a visible sign of the devotion and selflessness of so many. Without all of you, I would not have been able to return to work but more importantly, my mom would not have received such tender loving care. Mother Theresa will soon become a saint for her work with the poorest of the poor. You are saints in your own right as each of you shares your time and your talents in lovingly caring for our elderly.

Your acts of kindness were visible every day -- a friendly greeter at the door each morning, fresh fruit lovingly served, mom's sweet french braid and cute little hair clips on bathing day, an unfamiliar sweater a volunteer had loaned to keep her warm, a family-style lunch graciously served and a bounty of wonderful activities which kept my mom engaged and active throughout the day. It's not enough to simply provide a safe haven, our fragile elderly need to be engage in a variety of activities which stimulate them mentally and physically. Your daily variety of activities is truly impressive. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined my mom painting such a beautiful watercolor of wisteria.

My mom especially loved "the shopping." She came home one day beaming with a visible sparkle in eyes that so rarely shine. She was so excited to be able to go to a "garage sale." With the excitement of a child, she quickly brought out gifts for my husband and I. She had special little tokens to share with each of us and in that brief moment, mom glowed with pride and once again, found delight in spoiling her family.

She remembers few if any, details of each day, but when she went to bed one night all she wanted was her new pink slippers another treasure from another day at a garage sale and one more bright smile. Before joining all of you, these beautiful moments were few and far between.

Blessings to each and everyone of you as you continue to serve the elderly through this beautiful ministry. My prayers were answered when we found St Agnes. God bless you!


As a Volunteer with St. Agnes I get to truly thank those in the “Senior’s Generations”. My small time each week gives me a chance to exhibit my gratitude to my Parents, Former Teachers, and Family for those sacrifices that they made to help me in life. I most enjoy hearing the stories of their time, what they did, and what they remember about the history they lived. The wisdom imparted with their simple answers to questions is priceless.


I love volunteering at St Agnes. I enjoy sharing a part of my day with our special guests. Their kindness and caring toward each other is heartwarming.

Sometimes our seniors may not fully recollect their yesterdays, but it is truly amazing when they light up as they hear a song of long ago and they remember every word. They sing it with such profound gusto.

To know that I somehow make a difference for a few hours in their day is a gift.


Volunteering at St. Agnes is my way of "giving back" a little to those who need it most. It's a "feel good" experience.


I love volunteering at St Agnes. It’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s kind of like a great soup! Each guest, volunteer, and staff member has something different to offer and brings his/her own unique flavor. It’s a lot of fun interacting with the guests and listening to their stories. Even those who are less vocal have something to say and something to offer. Learning how to bring out that voice and personality is so rewarding. I feel like I get even more than I give at St Agnes. I look forward to my time there all morning. If I’m in a bad mood, it vanishes as soon as I walk in the door. I guess my favorite part of St Agnes is getting to know the people (guests, volunteers, and staff alike) and feeling like I’m playing a small part in helping the guests have a good day.


My mother is 82 yrs old and has a lot of medical issues. St. Agnes has blessed us.

I work and run my own business and this is a wonderful, caring place to send your parent without worry. They feed and care for mom everytime she’s there. I do not know what we would without them. The best part is mom loves it there.


St. Agnes has been wonderful from the very start. The first day I brought my father in the entire staff was warm and welcoming. They offer a variety of activities to stimulate both his mind and his body. They have a competent staff that consistently attends to his needs. They also provide much needed social interaction. My dad (91 years old) doesn’t have an interest in doing many things anymore, but he is always ready to go to St. Agnes. Knowing him… that speaks volumes!


The St. Agnes center has been a real blessing to my husband and myself. My husbands father attends the center once a week. This helps us to be able to have some release of stress and time to get things done. We are very thankful for this facility. All the workers are so friendly, helpful and caring.

Volunteer workers at St. Agnes help keep daily charges affordable so that caretakers can take their loved ones there for daily respite care. Those attending are treated with patience, kindness and courtesy and also receive a variety of enrichment activities-games, crafts, entertainment and physical workouts within their abilities. Both the clients and their caregivers are appreciative of this time away from home.
In the space provided I cannot do justice to the service St. Agnes provides. My father-in-law (age 91) eagerly looks forward to going to St. Agnes each Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a great way for him to socialize with his peers, get out of the house for the day, and get away from his daughter and son-in-law. For a few hours each week he can be “free and on his own.” The people at St. Agnes are very kind and friendly and we have total confidence in their ability to provide him with a fun, safe, and relaxed environment. Everyone at St. Agnes is totally friendly, concerned and caring for each one of their clients. My father-in-law loves it!

My sister has been attending St. Agnes for more than 2 years. She has thrived while going to St. Agnes. She loves going every day. The staff are all pleasant, helpful, courteous, and caring. The volunteer helpers are great! The facility is well managed, very clean, and you just have to enter the front door to see how caring and professional everyone is in dealing with the clients who have diminished mental capacities. It is an excellent program.


It is hard to put into words how wonderful St. Agnes is. You just have to walk into the center to see and feel the love and joy that it brings to the guests. Their golden years shine a little brighter through the efforts of the center.


St. Agnes Adult Day Services has been a lifesaver for my mother and me.

One day last April while I was at work, my mother decided to walk home to her family’s house. The only problem is that her family’s home is in Japan! I arrived home after work to find an empty house. I immediately called 911. The police searched for her, even bringing out a helicopter. It was getting dark and the temperature was falling. Much to my relief, she was found a few hours later. She was spotted by a good samaritan; lost and walking by the side of the road miles from home.

It was obvious that she could not be left home alone anymore. Her dementia had worsened. I hired an in-home caregiver. However, my mother was absolutely convinced she was fine. She angrily refused to let the caregiver in the house. I’m not financially able to quit my job and stay home with her so it seemed my only option was to try and get her into a nursing home. The thought of that broke my heart. I knew that there would be no way to explain to her why and where she was going.

On the recommendation of a medical professional, I decided to try St. Agnes. If I could get her into daycare, I could keep her at home with me. I took my mother for a visit. She was very apprehensive at first and did not want to go back. What to do now? I was in tears. Then, something magical happened. The wonderful staff, familiar with this kind of situation, suggested telling my mother that she worked there. It worked! My mother has been going ever since.

St. Agnes has been great for my mom. Instead of being isolated at home she is interacting with other people. She participates in exercise, crafts, games and conversation. She has made new friends. This interaction is also good for her mind; providing mental stimulation to slow the progress of her dementia.

I know there will come a time when I can no long care for my mother at home, but until then, St. Agnes helps me to provide my mother with a life full of the love and care she deserves.


St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center is an exceptional organization which provides activities to individuals with care and dignity. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago… a cruel disease that is slowly robbing my mother of her abilities. I found St. Agnes online and encouraged my dad to enroll mom in St. Agnes’ Day Center. Mom needed some structured activities and socializations she was becoming kind of ‘lost’ in her own home as well as for my dad… he needed to be able to do chores and errands without worrying about his wife thereby providing respite and a break for him from caregiving.

It has been a win-win situation for my parents with mom attending St. Agnes twice a week. Dad raves about the staff and volunteers at St. Agnes. He feels his wife is treated with respect and dignity and knows she is in good hands during the days she attends the center.


I enrolled my wife who has dementia to St. Agnes. She has been enrolled for approx. 2 months. Since this time she has overcome her depression and comes home every day with a smile on her face. She loves all the activities that St. Agnes gives her to do. Singing, playing games, painting are just a few of the things that my wife enjoys. All of this gives my family peace of mind. They love to see my wife smile again. Thank you St. Agnes!