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About St Agnes Adult Day Care Service

Our Mission

The Mission of St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center is to provide structured activities, nurturing relationships, and professional care for body, mind, and spirit. Our services promote equality, dignity, and independence for adults with disabilities, regardless of race, religion, gender, or financial means.

St. Agnes Provides...

  • Healthcare, medication administration, weight and blood pressure monitoring, monthly podiatry care, and other health services in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, community outings, and other intergenerational activities designed to replace feelings of isolation and loneliness with friendships and productivity.
  • Exercise classes and structured therapeutic activities that will help to maintain physical fitness and keep mental abilities sharp.
  • Daily activities, such as setting tables for lunch, folding clothes, sweeping, and other helpful activities that provide feelings of purpose and accomplishment.
  • A comfortable solarium facing the playground at Tiny Tim's Childcare Center as well as monthly interaction with the children.
  • Beauty Parlor visits once a month to promote feelings of pride and well-being.
  • Monthly support group
  • Secure facility

Adult Day Health is...

A friendly and nurturing place where trained caregivers provide safety, healthcare, personal care, and meaningful activities for adults who cannot stay home by themselves during the day. Adult day health allows a participant's family to work, run errands, or simply take a break. Participants arrive in the morning and go home at night.

Adult Day Health is NOT...

A nursing home, taking individuals away from family and leaving them disconnected from the community. Nor does it provide in-home care, which leaves individuals feeling isolated.